BA/MBA/EMBA in Hospitality Management

BA/ MBA/ Executive MBA in Hospitality Management

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a so-called postgraduate generalist management programme that covers all the essential functions of a company’s top management. The target groups are Bachelor graduates and non-economists who want to qualify for a higher management position. The MBA is therefore usually preceded by a Bachelor’s degree as the first degree.

The Executive Master’s degree (EMBA) is intended for participants who already hold a management position and who want to study current or new economic trends, analyses and models by recognised academics or other specialists as well as top managers in greater depth.

In addition to the content outlined below, the curriculum includes current publications on economic issues and topics, in particular selected topics from the MBA Harvard Management Guide.

The contents of the MBA programme Hospitality Management have been specially developed for future managers in the field of hotel and catering management – in terms of content, they focus on all the really relevant instruments and contexts that are important for efficient and thus successful management. Numerous cases and practical examples illustrate efficient management concepts. The questions and problem descriptions at the end of each chapter enable the application of business management calculations and management tools in operational practice. This provides future managers with all the necessary knowledge for efficient management of inventory (cost management) and prices (price management) in the hotel and catering sector.

In addition, there are selected current topics from the MBA Harvard Management Guide.

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Degree: BA/ MBA/ EMBA in Hospitality Management
Start of study: anytime
Duration of study: individual
Special features: Full-time or extra occupational
Tuition fees: BA 12,800€, MBA 15,800 €, EMBA 19,800 € (payment in instalments possible by arrangement).

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Individualised study content

We adapt the study content to be completed to suit you.

Why should you have knowledge that you have already demonstrated at another university or as part of another degree programme tested again? This is the question we asked ourselves at HIBS. And we answer them in your interest: we know what you need to know. If you provide us with evidence that you have already successfully completed individual course modules (at HIBS or at another university), then you do not need to work on them again.

This means for you:
We count comparable certificates to its full extend towards your new studies at HIBS. Please contact us in this regard! This way we can design your individual study plan together.

Course modules and progression

serious businessman and business woman on the background of the office staff.

Revenue Management Principles

Strategic Pricing, Value, Differential Pricing, The Revenue Manager´s Role, 

Revenue Management for Hoteliers

Forecasting Demand, Inventory and Pricing Management, Distribution Channel Management, Evaluation of Revenue Management Efforts in Lodging,

Revenue Management for Foodservice Operators

Revenue Management for Food and Beverage Services, Evaluation of Revenue Management Efforts in Food and Beverage Services

Revenue Mangement in Action

Specialized Applications of Revenue Management, Building better Business,

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Flexible study

At the HIBS, you study according to your possibilities.
You decide for yourself how intensively and when you study. Whether you want to and are able to devote yourself completely to your studies, or simply want to use free capacities to further your career.

Entrance criteria

Studying at the HIBS is not bound by formal requirements. We decide autonomously on access requirements and content. And we have decided that HIBS is basically open to anyone who has the intellectual ability and sufficient motivation to successfully complete their studies at HIBS. And we rely entirely on the individual intake interview.

The HIBS is open to people of all ages and backgrounds. We support the socially disadvantaged through our scholarship programme.

Tuition fees and funding

When you sign the training contract, you receive unlimited access to your virtual desk with all the materials you need for your studies. You then decide for yourself at what speed you want to progress your studies. There is no minimum and no maximum duration of study.

It is therefore basically not possible for us to divide the tuition fees into semester or monthly fees as other universities do. The tuition fees are generally due upon signing of the training contract.

However, if you are not in a position to raise this all at once, then we will talk about adequate financing, partial forbearances or payment by instalments. Just get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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