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""Kaderschmiede" of German Economy``

Our alumni include board members from VW / Audi, Daimler Benz, BMW, Krupp, Bayer, BASF, Siemens, Hoesch, Thyssen, Heidelberger Cement, Heidelberger Druck, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Allianz, Zentis, Dr. Oetker, Steigenberger etc.) as well as members of several royal families, excellent scientists and high-ranking politicians.

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Every degree at the HIBS is also a degree from one of our state partner universities. Choose:

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You will receive certificates of completion HIBS and the partner university of your choice. We would be happy to send you sample certificates on request.

HIBS Graduates are the only ones whose university degree bears the name of the most famous Nobel Prize winner in economics.
A name to which we are committed.

Friedrich August von Hayek

“Hayek is one of the most important representatives of“ neoliberalism ”. In 1974 he received the Nobel Prize for his extensive economic and social-philosophical work. As a liberal in the classical tradition, he became the most outstanding critic of socialism and the welfare state. An intrepid advocate of a free society. ”

(Konrad Adenauer Foundation)

Friedrich August v. Hayek

The HIBS is the only university worldwide that bears the name of the Nobel Prize winner. For good reason.

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Every student receives his personal coach. As mentor and sparring partner. Even if it does not work so well.

Individually + personally

Whether you are focusing on your studies, or just looking to explore the world and take advantage of free capacities to advance your career. you HIBS Study adapts to your possibilities. - And you can start immediately.

Crediting for services

Why should you prove your knowledge on several occasions and lose valuable time? We simply credit certificates from comparable universities and degree programs. - And lead you to the destination faster.

Student finance

Education should not be a question of money. If necessary, we are happy to talk about the possibilities of student financing.
Konrad Adenauer (Notaries Adenauer & Thies, Cologne) to the study leader
"... once again, thank you very much for your book, I was very happy, as I have already said, I will dedicate myself to reading it immediately."
Heinz Glasczinsky, before. Chief Executive Officer of Mannesmann do Brasil
"I can only warmly recommend to any commercial young person this textbook, which I have completed myself."
Prof. Dr. Dr. hc HJ Jentsch, former Federal Constitutional Court Judge, Minister of Justice of Saxony aD
"What I've read so far is very impressive .... I'll stay tuned."
Prof. Dr. Mikhail Födorow, Rector of the State Economic University of Ekaterinburg
"Nowhere else is classical economics presented as understandably and effectively as in this outstanding textbook."
Federal Ministry of Defense, Head of Attractiveness, Brig. Gen. O. Rohde
"The possibility of completing a distance learning course, ... .., exists for outgoing timekeepers and soldiers in the context of their professional development claims."
De Gruyter Verlag,
"The work is not only aimed at students, but also at decision-makers ...... The work captivates by its well-understandable preparation of the teaching content."

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