Study programs

Study programs at Hayek International Business School (HIBS)

Increasing competition, globalisation of markets and digitalisation are just some of the challenges that companies have to face today. Flexibility, expertise, personal competence and, above all, a recognition of the interrelationships are increasingly important in business. Companies are constantly on the lookout for well-trained specialists who can respond to the special features of modern society, the globalisation of markets and the increasing demands of entrepreneurial competition in a solution-oriented manner. One thing is certain: whether it is a small business, a medium-sized enterprise or a corporate group – no company can manage without business management experts.

Our graduates can convince from the employment market or as independent start-ups with professional know-how and, above all, with an overall understanding of economics and are therefore flexibly employable in many areas. Our degrees deliberately stand for a new type of study concept that is geared towards a recognised well-founded, but equally compact and flexible transfer of knowledge, which, in contrast to conventional university studies, is based on a didactically shaped concept that was developed by executives from business practice.

It is certainly not a study programme for the masses, but rather for those who are specifically looking for an alternative to the time-consuming, theory-overloaded and often unsystematic studies at conventional universities.

Our innovative concept is reflected in the various degrees that are systematically interlinked or built upon one another within our overall study programme (with recognition of the previous study level in each case): highly efficient in terms of time and subject matter with maximum individual flexibility!

(The academic degrees are awarded in Salzburg according to the decision pursuant to § 27 para. 5 Higher Education Quality Assurance Act -Austria- awarded in cross-border cooperation between HIBS and Ural State University of Economics (USUE). (The USUE provides the teaching staff and the study acceptance).

Study programmes (anabin H+ accredited)are offered in the following subject areas:

  • BWL / Business Administration
  • Gesundheitswesen / Public Health
  • Tourismus, Hotel- u. Gastronomiemanagement / Tourism-Hospitality
  • Logistik / Logistic
  • Wirtschaftsethik / Ethic