Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

This training program corresponds in its conception to the compact training for the Certified Business Economist, however, the course contents are treated in greater depth. In addition, a final paper (bachelor’s thesis) must be written. Technical knowledge, but also analytical and methodological skills are taught. The goal of the study is the professional qualification for various fields of activity and occupation in management. For most bachelor’s graduates, the degree serves as a career entry into a company or the start of self-employment.

The Bachelor’s degree program in Business Administration qualifies you in a generalist and practical way: It trains you to be an academic all-rounder with specialist knowledge of the most important functional areas of business. Combined with the development of your soft skills and your knowledge of Business English, you are therefore ideally prepared to take on management positions – in any industry and in a wide range of business areas.


Fields of specialization

  • Management
  • Personal
  • Controlling
  • Finance
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Logistics Management
  • Media Management
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance Management

Fact compact

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration/ Bachelor of Arts
Start of study: anytime
Duration of study: individual
Particularities: full time or extra occupational
Tuition fees: 14,800 € in total (payment in installments possible by arrangement)

Individualised study content

We adapt the study content to be completed to suit you.

Why should you have knowledge that you have already demonstrated at another university or as part of another degree programme tested again? This is the question we asked ourselves at HIBS. And we answer them in your interest: we know what you need to know. If you provide us with evidence that you have already successfully completed individual course modules (at HIBS or at another university), then you do not need to work on them again.

This means for you:
We count comparable certificates to its full extend towards your new studies at HIBS. Please contact us in this regard! This way we can design your individual study plan together.

Course modules and progression

senior businessman standing in front of his business team

Allgemeine BWL

Einführung in die BWL, Tätigkeit des Wirtschaftens, Einzelwirtschaften, System der produktiven Faktoren, konstitutive und produktive Entscheidungen der Betriebsführung,

Rechnungswesen I + II

Handelsrechtliche Grundlagen, Buchhaltung, GoB, Bilanz- und GuV, Jahresabschluss und Lagebericht, Bilanz- und GuV-Kennzahlen, Bilanz- und GuV-Analyse, Bilanzpolitik, Rechnungswesen in Schaubildern; Kosten- und Leistungsrechnung, Deckungsbeitragsrechnung, Kennzahlen, Kalkulation, Target-Costing, Wertanalyse,


Grundlagen der Unternehmensführung, Unternehmensführung und Organisation, Unternehmensplanung, Kontrolle, Organisation, Mitarbeiterführung,


Einführung, Märkte und Markttypen, Strategisches Marketing, Marktforschung, Marketing-Organisation und - Controlling,


Einführung in die Investitionstheorie: Begriffliche Klarstellungen, der Ablauf der Investitionsprozesse, Probleme bei Investitionsentscheidungen, Die Verfahren der Investitionsrechnung : Synoptische Darstellung, die einperiodischen statistischen Investitionsrechnungen, die mehrperiodischen finanzmathematischen Investitionsobjektrechnungen, das MAPI-Verfahren, die Berücksichtigung von Gewinnsteuern, Investitionsprogrammrechnungen,


Systematisierung der Finanzierungsformen, Beteiligungsfinanzierung, Selbstfinanzierung, Finanzierung aus Aufwandsgegenwerten, Kreditfinanzierung, Euromarktkredite, Instrumente des Zins- u. Währungsmanagements, Kreditsubstitute, Finanzanalyse, Finanzplanung Unternehmensfinanzierung in Schaubildern,


Einführung in das Controlling, Instrumente des Controlling, Funktionales Controlling, Finanz-Controlling, Aktuelle Themen und Weiterentwicklungen,

Mathematische Methoden


Deskriptive und induktive Statistik,


Geschichte der Volkswirtschaftslehre, Gesamtdarstellung der VWL, die Grundlagen der „Österreichischen Schule der Nationalökonomie“, Wirtschaftspolitik,

The HIBS - your university in your pocket

If you study at the Hibs, you always have your university in your pocket. Study when and where you want.

Our course instructors are available for you so that the exchange does not come too short! Exchange content and experiences or discuss problems and issues. This improves the transfer of what you have learned into practice – and increases your motivation.

In attendance events there is the opportunity for personal contact and exchange with fellow students, but also with their coaches and numerous personalities from the HIBS network.

Flexible study

At the Hibs, you study according to your possibilities.
You decide for yourself how intensively and when you study. Whether you want to and are able to devote yourself completely to your studies, or simply want to use free capacities to further your career.

Entrance criteria

Studying at the HIBS is not bound by formal requirements. We decide autonomously on access requirements and content. And we have decided that HIBS is basically open to anyone who has the intellectual ability and sufficient motivation to successfully complete their studies at HIBS. And we rely entirely on the individual intake interview.

The HIBS is open to people of all ages and backgrounds. We support the socially disadvantaged through our scholarship programme.

Tuition fees and funding

When you sign the training contract, you receive unlimited access to your virtual desk with all the materials you need for your studies. You then decide for yourself at what speed you want to progress your studies. There is no minimum and no maximum duration of study.

It is therefore basically not possible for us to divide the tuition fees into semester or monthly fees as other universities do. The tuition fees are generally due upon signing of the training contract.

However, if you are not in a position to raise this all at once, then we will talk about adequate financing, partial forbearances or payment by instalments. Just get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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