Doctorates – Professorships

Doctorates and professorships

Honorary doctorates and honorary professorships are awarded through our cooperation partners exclusively on the basis of outstanding academic and professional achievements. Interested students submit a personal letter of application to the Director of Studies. The next step is to request all other necessary documents. This may be followed by an intensive information talk with the director of studies.

In the case of the doctorate, the next step is then to jointly determine the topic of a dissertation. Then an outline is created and coordinated with the respective assigned supervisor. In the course of writing the text, interim coordination with the HIBS supervisor takes place on a chapter-by-chapter basis. The usual rules for writing a scientific thesis apply to the dissertation. The length should be about 150-170 pages.

There are generally no attendance obligations or time restrictions. On statistical average, the doctorate (with full employment) takes about 18-22 months.

Honorary professorships are in each case discussed and agreed individually with the Director of Studies.

Dr. hc. – Dr. eh. – Prof. hc.
Requirements, process and conditions follow an individual consultation.

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