Studying at the Hibs

General course of studies

  • At the agreed start date, each student is assigned a personal mentor with whom the complete process of the chosen degree programme is discussed. From the organisational process to learning tips and exams. From then on, the mentor is the personal contact person for all questions concerning the study programme.
  • The textbook, which prepares students for several degrees in the core, is structured modularly and consists of individual teaching modules, each of which covers a complete subject area (e.g. corporate finance).
  • According to the learning instructions, the participant works through the respective teaching module and works through the learning control part at the end of the teaching module as a self-learning control.
  • If the student has mastered the learning control part to this extent, he/she requests the respective homework exam from his/her study supervisor, which usually consists of about 10 task parts for the respective teaching module. The homework exam is completed by the student in accordance with the enclosed exam rules and exam notes.
  • Depending on the exam result, rework may still have to be done.
  • Failed examinations or examination questions can be repeated as often as desired.
  • If the respective study module is successfully completed with the homework exam, the participant starts working through the next study module.
  • The mentor is always available for questions and problems.
  • Once all study modules (the final thesis) for the respective degree or intermediate degree have been successfully completed, the relevant degree certificate is issued immediately.
  • The preparation of a thesis (Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, diploma thesis) always requires consultation with the director regarding the free choice of topics. Content-related references, formal criteria (scientific citation rules), scope, external form, etc. are discussed with the mentor.