The HIBS – a special institution

The HIBS - a special institution

When the right minds come together ...

The HIBS emerged from the largest German university business school and future auditor training institution.
The trade press used the term “cadre school of the German industry”, among others. The list of graduates reads like the “Who is Who” of the German economy.

Among the “alumni are indeed many directors, board members and chairmen of well-known German companies (e.g. Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, VW/Audi, Daimler Benz, Mannesmann, Thyssen, Krupp, Hoesch, Heidelberger Cement, Heidelberger Druck, Bayer, Kaufhof, Karstadt etc.) Names like Herrhausen, Lambsdorff, Flick, Oetker, Zentis etc. speak for themselves. Various members of European and non-European royal houses as well as ministers and state secretaries are also among the graduates.

Two former chairpersons and several members of the Council of Economic Experts (the so-called five sages of economy) as well as the former president of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy are among the “alumni”. As well as a former EU Commissioner.

Prof. Dr Braunschweig with Václav Klaus, former Czech Prime Minister and President of the Czech Republic

Prof. Dr Braunschweig with Dr Jan Carnogursky, former Prime Minister of Slovakia

The legendary textbook - multiple awards

The textbook has received several awards: among others, the BfA seal of approval, framework agreement with the Institute of Auditors, framework agreement with the Federal Association of Sworn Auditors, recognition by the Federal Institute for Educational Research, TQ Cert seal by the German Accreditation Body – KSP recognised provider according to AZAV, notification AQ Austria 2017.

The study programme is offered as part of the continuing education programme for retiring regular soldiers as well as for professional soldiers of the German Armed Forces.

Only HIBS issues graduation certificates with the name of a Nobel laureate in economics!

With this in mind, we select our study participants carefully.

Over 100 years of experience and 80,000 participants

When the right minds come together ... and have the courage to break new ground.

Through the merger with the following leading business revision institution in the higher education sector, whose heads were also pioneers in academic eLearning (focus on learning psychology, mathematics, statistics and law), a good 100 years of didactic and learning psychology experience of specialists is now available to the study participants. This merger also rejuvenates and expands the HIBS network into current leadership levels in business, society and politics.

Therefore, the HIBS not only has a special genesis, but also differs fundamentally from the conventional state higher education sector, as well as from other private higher education institutions, with its flexible and individual compact teaching concept.

Friedrich A. von Hayek

HIBS: Hayek International Business School

Today’s scientific director used to be a studential listener to Friedrich A. von Hayek, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, and is today one of the pronounced representatives of the “Austrian School of National Economics”.

It is not for nothing that the HIBS (the only institution of its kind, by the way!) bears the name of the world’s most famous Nobel laureate in economics. One of Friedrich A. von Hayek’s former places of university activity was chosen as the place of residence of the HIBS: Salzburg. This is where he received the news of the Nobel Prize in 1974.