We prepare our participants for the degrees of several intensive distance learning courses on the basis of a textbook that has won several awards and is well-known in the business world. These courses are suitable for those for whom specialist seminars are inadequate, but a theory-heavy and unsystematic course of study in the conventional higher education sector is too inefficient and lengthy. With us, you learn what you really need in the practice of business management. The content of our programme was developed by professionals (auditors, tax consultants, management consultants, entrepreneurs and top managers) and didactically optimised by learning psychologists. This is where we differ from any other study provider. Our exclusive teaching programme is based on the “steep course” programmes of the American professional schools. We combine the advantages of a professional school with the benefits of a distance learning course, as recommended by the German Science Council as an alternative to conventional university studies.

Added to this is the unique selling point of the HIBS, the scientific aura of a Nobel Prize laureate in economics.

Another unique selling point is the targeted linking ofclassical decision-oriented business administration with the legendary “Austrian School of Economics“. As a result, we impart a sound knowledge of management, which is also reflected in the fact that our textbook originates from the training of certified public accountants, which stands for the highest business exam or training level altogether.

Our exclusive intensive study courses are independent of time and place, they can be completed individually flexibly, also alongside work/training and from home.

The HIBS degree programmes can be completed parallel to an internship, vocational training and also full-time professional work. Or simply from the road, if you have decided to explore the world.

We arrange an individual teaching programme with you and guide you to success.

Secure the decisive career advantage with a degree that bears the name of a Nobel Prize winner in economics.



The HIBS is different:


  • Only through the HIBS can one obtain a degree that bears the name of a Nobel Prize winner in economics.
  • As a private institution, the HIBS is not bound by the formal conditions or prerequisites of the conventional higher education sector. This enables an individual selection of study participants in connection an individually quite flexible teaching schedule.
  • The multi-award-winning and didactically prepared textbook from the German auditor training differs significantly from the theory-overloaded, over-mathematised and often unsystematic study materials in the conventional university sector.
  • Each study participant is assigned a personal supervisor who is available to him or her at all times. Due to this individual support, the dropout or failure rate is correspondingly low.
  • The average duration of study is significantly shorter than usual.





In times of general educational cutbacks and the time-consuming and stressful teaching of unsystematic specialised knowledge in conventional higher education, the HIBS is the ideal alternative: we teach in a systematic and didactic form only those business administration terms and instruments that are really needed for management positions in the economy.

The work of Friedrich A. von Hayek (“the last universal scholar of the 20th century”) is an incentive for us not only to impart pure business knowledge, but education in the broadest sense!