The textbook

From 1949 to 1989, the Braunschweig Repetitorium qualified prospective managers from Germany and abroad for university examinations and exams. Subsequently, the company focused on training tax advisors and auditors. The content and didactic concepts developed in the process form one half of the content basis of HIBS.

Basis 1: The award-winning textbook of the Braunschweig Repetitorium and the Public Auditor courses

"Cadre factory of German industry"

A large percentage of today’s executives in economy, politics, and society owe their academic and professional success to the Braunschweig Repetitorium and Public Auditor courses. And can still access the knowledge acquired in the process decades later. Precisely because of the very special didactic concept: efficient and practically relevant.

In 1990, Franke succeeded the Braunschweig Repetitorium in terms of target groups and topics, updated and expanded the content to include mathematics and statistics, and has been using multimedia since the mid-1990s. Franke Campus is still to this day one of the leading college repetition programs for economics, mathematics, and statistics.

Base 2: Franke's outstanding materials update and expand the Braunschweig textbooks.

Setting standards in academic eLearning since 1998

Frankes are first movers in academic eLearning in Europe. As early as 2000, they had already presented the entire business, economics and law curriculum in interactive videos and were thus far ahead of their time. Since then, they have always been one step faster and further when it comes to developing multimedia learning content.